Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule today and for coming despite the continuing effects of the new coronavirus.

I have been dealing with the theme of the inner reality of the human condition and have been working mainly in oil paintings. For example, I express the way people relate to each other and the silence that exists between them in my paintings. In addition to painting, I have also been working on photography for a long time.

This exhibition is composed of two parts: paintings and photographs.
The first part of the exhibition is “Transparent City,” which the artist discovered while walking around the city and painting it as an oil painting. We hope you will enjoy the world of painting that unfolds in the spacious exhibition space.
The second part of the exhibition is entitled “Play in the world”, a record of the things that exist outside of our intentions as we walk the streets.
Each of the works represents a rich world that spreads in the crevices of everyday life.

We would be delighted if this exhibition would be a pleasure for you to spend a moment with.

Atsuhiro Hattori


Painter’s biography
1975 Born in Urakawa-cho, Hokkaido
2002 Bachelor of Painting,Tama Art University Second Department of Painting, Tokyo
2004 Master of Painting, Tama Art University, Tokyo
Assistant,Tama Art University (~ 2012)
Currently: living and working in Yokohama
Art School YOKOHAMA, JOYFUL-2 Culture,AEON Culture Club, etc. Lecturer

Main Exhibition and Prize
2005 Invited to The 41st Showa kai exhibition (Galerie Nichido,Ginza)
2010 Solo exhibition (Gallery Okabe,Ginza)
2012 Solo exhibition (galleria grafica bis,Ginza)
2013 Solo Exhibition “The journey around the five people” (Hamura City Lifelong Learning Center Yutorogi)
2014 Solo exhibition “The journey around the heart of some people” (Sapporo Citizen Gallery)
2016 Solo Exhibition “Atsuhiro Hattori – Intervention Painting -” (Gallery Okabe,Ginza)
The 29th National Painting Competition Exhibition IZUBI (Excellence Award)
18th Setsuryosya Florentine Prize Exhibition (Selected)
2018 Solo Exhibition “Atsuhiro Hattori –  Indefinable Reality -” (Gallery Okabe,Ginza)
2019 Group Exhibition “Over-Painted Landscapes”(MEDEL GALLERY SHU)


- Transparent City -

This city continues to exist in the silence of midday.
The transparent city was discovered by painting the people I met as I walked the streets.
The light that shines on them is transparent, and the shadows they cast quickly blend into the city from under their feet as if they never existed.
I look for myself in someone else, and sew my shadow into someone else’s to confirm my presence. A city of connections.


- Play in the world -

When I walk around the city and take photographs, I see things here and there that are beyond the scope of human intentions. I am driven by the desire to own these things as they are, so I release the shutter.

Their existence is just a trivial matter that is overlooked in our daily lives, but they are special to me. I’ve decided to call them “The play in the world. The play here is synonymous with the play we use when we say, for example, “the play of the steering wheel”. It is the great abundance of a very small amount of surplus.

I think the world is made to shimmer and shine, leaving room for beings and events to erode each other. For me, this awareness of the “play of the world” makes one’s world feel comfortable.